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When Do I File My Financial Affidavit?

This is a common question we hear...here... The answer is, it depends. Under Florida Statutes 61.30(14) every petition for, or a modification of, child support shall be accompanied by a statement of income, expenses, etc... (basically a financial affidavit).

This means that if you are the petitioner or counter-petitioner in a case seeking to establish or modify child support you need to file your financial affidavit with the petition or counter-petition.

If you are responding to a petition that requires a financial affidavit you should consult rule 12.285 of the Family Law Rules of Procedure as the timelines for filing financial discovery can be found there.

When do I file my financial affidavit is the type of question that its good to know you don't have to worry about when you have a team like Family First Legal Group beside you. Feel free to call us to schedule a consultation to discuss questions as routine as this one or far more difficult questions like, what's going to happen to my little ones when I divorce?