Do I Need to Bring Anything with Me to Case Management in Florida?

We are often asked by our clients a very reasonable and rational question, "do I need to bring anything with me to case management in Florida?" and the answer is typically no. The Court doesn't require you to bring anything with you to case management in Collier or Lee Counties.

Unless your attorney has asked you to bring something particular with you, he/she should have the information needed by the Court to complete a successful and productive case management.

Now, that said, we strongly encourage our clients to maintain an active role in their cases for a large number of reasons. If you feel more comfortable and confident bringing a note pad, documents, or other items with you to Court that you wish to discuss with your attorney, do so!

Also, case managements have a tendency to be drawn out for other cases and a great chance to discuss your case with your attorney in a setting where there is 100% focus on your matter. Come prepared to discuss any issues or changes that have arisen in your case with your attorney and ask him/her of any questions you may have about the process and the status of your case.

Most importantly, do not stress or be nervous over case management. It is one of the few court events that should be no-stress as no major decisions are being made in your case. It is important to have an attorney there you can trust however, because the subtleties of what occurs there can be important, but not in the same way as a mediation, deposition or hearing/trial.

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