We're Moving and Other BIG Decisions

Our intake specialist has this to share with you about our upcoming move and BIG decisions in your personal life...

I joined the Team in November. Walking into my first job at a Law Firm after having graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University was intimidating, overwhelming and downright terrifying. Professors always say, “It takes a special kind of person to be successful at a Law Firm—not everyone can cut it.” That phrase rang through my head endlessly for the first six months here. In an industry as emotionally charged and delicate as this, you must adapt well and do so quickly.

The procedures and processes were the least of my concerns. I was confronting serious, often devastating, circumstances that families across this state encounter every day. This Legal Team was fighting for parents seeking custody of children suffering all types of abuse, protecting survivors of Domestic Violence, reuniting Fathers with children they hadn’t seen in more than a year. How was I ever going to find the strength to come into this office every day and not burst into tears? Where would I find the confidence to reassure a desperate Mother that we will get her daughter back? How could I comfort a Father who was terrified that past mistakes would mean the end of his marriage?

I found this answer in the eyes of each of our Client’s. I heard my solution resonating in the voice of every potential new client that called for help. I found my purpose in each of you. I knew that I had the resources to help these clients decide to make a change. I knew our Legal Team had the knowledge, education and experience to guide our clients through the most challenging phase in their life. Knowing that these highly skilled professionals were the key to their future success allowed me to flourish here. I knew that I could save each and every client that walked through that door so long as they were ready to save themselves. I had the solution, the answer, we could help them today if they were ready to make the decision. When you decide to change your life, options will inherently present themselves. After the decision is made, the details iron themselves out.

It’s been almost a year since I joined this team. Almost a year since I began this journey and it is only now that I realize that making the decision to venture into unknown waters allowed me the ability to find myself—my purpose.

On Monday, we opened our new office, we have added two talented additional staff members since I came on board and our Family is growing every day. I look back on the clients that have walked through our doors in need of help and in frantic search of answers and then I remember those same clients walking out this same door with a purpose. They left this Firm complete, whole again and grateful.

I knew that on Monday, when I walk through our new entrance, I would be paving the way for countless future clients that we will support and guide and I am proud to have found my purpose here by doing so.

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