Holiday Time-sharing with Children in Florida

Another year is almost in the books and we here at Family First like to ask the really tough questions this time of year (well all the time actually). Are you spending the quantity and quality of holiday time you want to be with your children this year?*

If the answer is no then we want to meet with you.

This time of year can and should be the absolute high-light of everyone's year. Cheer, well wishes, time with family, children's awe and amazement at the holidays. It is a fantastic time when you are able to have the kind of meaningful relationship with your children that thousands of yearning parents around the globe wish they could experience - but they haven't found the right mate, or have fertility issues.

If you have been blessed with the opportunity to be a parent, but yet you still do not have the relationship with your children that you want - what are you waiting for? This time of year is a particularly painful time to be away from your children, but every minute, day, week, month or year you put off establishing the relationship you really want with your kids is equally as important and is gone forever.

*If you are uncomfortable having to answer this question because you wish your circumstances were better, you have to ask yourself, "Shouldn't I be looking for the exact attorney's office who is going to ask the really, really tough questions, so when my case needs someone to ask the really, really tough questions, I know I have just the right team on my side?" If you are considering hiring an attorney who is afraid to ask tough questions for fear of creating discomfort, we highly suggest you look elsewhere.

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