Worries and Fears over Divorce Case in Southwest Florida

I am the proud Father of four-year-old twins and over the holidays I had a wonderful chance to catch up on some much needed time with them (I hope you did too with your kids).

Whenever I get to spend time with my children I always realize something profound. This time it came when my son and I were discussing 'Worry Eaters," which are little stuffed toys that you can write down and put your worries in and get through problems together. He saw them in a magazine and as I explained that they are indeed a neat toy, that he doesn't need one because he's a child and shouldn't have any worries.

His response, "I do have one worry...the Kraken." After almost choking on my water, I realized how silly that worry is to me, but how real it is to him.

If we look back on our former selves or look at others around us, we will likely think our worries were as unlikely as the Kraken, but at the present moment, they feel crushing. This is incredibly common in Florida divorces or paternity cases.

There are huge changes coming your way. You are probably fearful of them right now. You will most likely look back on them as insignificant compared to how you feel about them today. The saying, the mountains look smaller in the rear-view mirror than the windshield comes to mind.

Divorce, Paternity actions, custody agreements, parenting plans, time-sharing arrangements, parental responsibility, division of property, alimony, are like the Kraken. Don't be afraid.

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