Going to Court vs Settling Your Divorce Case in Southwest Florida

Going to Court vs Settling Your Divorce Case in Southwest Florida

Representing clients who are going through difficult interpersonal relationships is a big responsibility and one that the Naples lawyers at Family First never take lightly.

We have represented clients who are devastated by the infidelity of their spouse and are completely blind-sided by the divorce. On the opposite end, we have represented clients who haven't seen or heard from their spouse is over a decade. Each case is unique and presents its own personal challenges/opportunities.

The thing that is uniformly valuable about being with a team of professionals through this process, however, is the objective assessment of the situation from an outside expert. There are cases where we absolutely have to "put on the gloves" and go to Court, and there are other cases where we can be more reserved and settle out of court.

The thing you should avoid when you're selecting your attorney is a one-sized fits all approach. Not all cases needed to be feverishly fought to the end (and all the costs associated with that), and not all cases need to be draped in linen (some cases need to make a statement like standing up to someone who has bullied you for years).

Each case is unique and if it ultimately needs a Judge to make a decision, you want years and years of expertise by your side in Court. Divorcing in Southwest Florida doesn't have to involve bloodshed, but if it does, we don't want it to be our clients'.

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