Fear of Change

Change is scary. Many people remain in relationships well beyond the “end.” I love my role as a family law attorney in Naples, Florida because I get to see first hand how we convince ourselves something is or isn’t when everyone else sees it differently. We all do it. Whether it’s relationships, health, work or any one of a million different areas of life, we struggle to accept reality.

The greatest satisfaction I personally derive from our office is meeting a prospective client who is facing a break up of his/her family and doesn’t know how to react. We calm them down, assure them that even though it’s scary, finding out what really is going to happen is better than wondering and believing half-truths and rumors from friends. When a client trusts us when we say, “it’s going to get better,” and it does — it’s the best!

We aim to take the fear out of divorce and paternity battles, and level the playing field. Intimidation and fear of the unknown can make deep and lasting impacts on a relationship, but we have the ability to see through the mist and get to the truth.

Don’t be afraid, make the change in your life you KNOW you need. We’re here for you!