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  • Tackling Those Busy Weekends
    Tackling Those Busy Weekends

    Weekends are meant to be fun, relaxing, and carefree. But the life of a parent is jam packed with even more responsibility then what came during the work week. Inevitably, the weekends are still fun, ...

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  • Summer time!
    Summer time!

    Summer is just about everyones favorite time of the year right? Luckily for us that time of the year is back! We'd like to know what your vacation plans are, as well as us give you a little ...

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  • There's an App for That!
    There's an App for That!

    Can you remember a time when we didn't have smart phones? It's hard to remember, but it wasn't that long ago. (Throwback: remember pagers being the hot communication device?) Well, now we can do ...

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  • Standing Orders in Collier County, Florida
    Standing Orders in Collier County, Florida

    At the beginning of most every family law case in Collier County, Florida the Court will automatically issue a standing order. This order is incredibly important in your case. It governs how you ...

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  • Beach Safety
    Beach Safety

    When I think of beach safety two things quickly come to my mind; sunscreen and knowing how to swim. However, we all know the various other safety precautions we should take when spending a day at the ...

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