Are You Really Protecting Yourself and Your Kids?

I came across a commercial yesterday that was not only funny, but made me think that this would be a great blog article topic. Are you properly protecting yourself and your kids from sun exposure?

First, let me say, you need to watch this ad. It is hilarious.

Second, we live in Florida and really need to make sure we inform and instruct our kids on sun exposure and sunscreen so we can make sure they are well protected. The video brought up good point and one that I am guilty of many of us show our children how to put on sunscreen and make sure they do it, when we do not do it ourselves. We all should take the proper precautions as skin cancer is on the rise. And with all of the more natural, paraben and other chemical free, sunscreen options available, there really is no excuse not to put it on.

Here are some helpful resources on