Can I Move Away With My Child During a Divorce or Paternity Action?

Can I Move Away With My Child During a Divorce or Paternity Action?

Relocating With a Child During a Divorce or Paternity Case

Child with moving boxesWhen two exes share children, their paths will continue to cross for years to come as children are the link keeping divorced or separated parents connected whether they like or not. If you have a child with an ex, you are no stranger to navigating the complexities of complicated schedules, tense communication, and more. However, you may resent feeling obligated to your ex when you have an opportunity waiting for you elsewhere. The prospect of moving with your child may seem impossible though it doesn’t have to be.

Under these circumstances, you may move with your child during a divorce or paternity case:

  • If you are within a 50-mile radius or within the jurisdiction of the court and complying with previous orders
  • If you and your child’s other parent have a written agreement

As expected, there are specific exceptions to this rule. For example, if you want to relocate beyond 50 miles or relocate out-of-state, then you must get approval from the court or the other parent before you can even contemplate moving. While it may seem harmless to simply move down the street or within the neighborhood, especially if your child’s life remains largely impacted, you must review the court’s standing order before making that move. If you do not confirm these details, illegally moving with your child can result in disastrous legal consequences.   

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