Alimony Reform Bill in Florida

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Our very own Alexander C. Peterson was quoted in a recent article in the Naples Daily News regarding the "Alimony Reform Bill" which was vetoed by Governor Scott on April 15, 2016.

The below is an excerpt from the article published in the Naples Daily News:

"Attorneys here in Naples said the bill, which also established guidelines for awarding alimony, might have passed without the 50-50 language.

'This would have been great for alimony payers,' said Alex Peterson, principal attorney and owner at Family First Legal Group in Naples. 'There is a lot of discretion in alimony right now. You can go into court with one case you think will get $2,500 a month and get $4,000 or nothing. Having some sort of guidelines would be helpful for people going into those cases.'

But like Scott, Peterson said the custody language was not in the best interest of children.

'I don't think it would have had a tremendous impact,' he added. 'Some judges on the bench have an unwritten presumption of 50-50 custody. I don't consider it a travesty to fathers in the state of Florida that this didn't pass. I've represented quite a few fathers in the state who have gotten a fair shake.'"

If you would like to read the full article click HERE

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