Vocational Assessments in Florida - What Do They Mean?

If you are going through a dissolution of marriage and you are wondering how much income your spouse could make, a vocational assessment is a powerful tool. A professional or "expert" in the field can evaluate your spouse's educational background, qualifications, past employment history, certifications or licenses, age, health, and other factors and make a determination that based upon these items and more that your spouse could be earning "X" per month/year.

This information is very helpful in determining how much child support or alimony is due from one party to another in a Florida divorce. We have also used vocational assessments to combat relocation actions. If your spouse is claiming the need to relocate to a certain part of the country with your children for the purposes of employment, wouldn't you like to know if he/she could be earning as much or more right here Collier or Lee County?

If there is more information you would like about vocational assessments and experts in Florida Dissolution of Marriage cases, please reach out to us by telephone. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and/or download our free report.

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