Self-Service v. Full-Service

At Peterson Family Law we pride ourselves on being available to our clients at all levels and stages. We help clients from the day we draft their preliminary divorce petition to the date we are arguing their side in front of the judge at the final trial, but not everyone needs that type of representation.

The Florida Family Law forms are available online here and many people choose to represent themselves for any number of reasons as they go through their family law issue. There are some pitfalls and hidden dangers that self-represented litigants need to be aware of that the forms just can’t show you. That’s where the Peterson Family Law self-service option is great for our clients.

For a flat-fee, our office will complete your paperwork with you and give you the head’s up you need to go out on your own. This cost is a flat $400.

For other clients they like to hire one of our attorneys for five 30-minute blocks of time where we can shine a light on what is ahead in your case. This fee is a flat $600.00

We also offer limited representation for single hearings or single proceedings, like a mediation or trial. The fees are fixed but vary depending on what is at issue.

If you or someone you know is in need of less than full-representation but knows they shouldn’t go it completely alone, we are here for them!

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