Inspiring Lyrics

I’m an avid music fan, and one of my favorite recent lyrics comes from the song, ‘Kill Your Heroes’ by the band Awolnation. The opening frame of the song goes:

Well, I met an old man
Dying on a train.
No more destination,
No more pain.
Well, he said
“One thing before I graduate
Never let your fear decide your fate.”

Nothing is more common than to react out of fear. As parents we yell at our children more when we’re scared than when we’re angry. We yell at our spouses when we are insecure and fearful things aren’t going well. We punish ourselves when we are fearful we’ve made a mistake.

The way I see it there are two emotions in this world – fear and love. It takes an objective third party to know when you’re reacting honestly and appropriately and when you’re reacting out of fear. That’s where we come in.

We are here to empower you so you don’t let your fear decide your fate.