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What is good for my kids during my divorce/separation?

Published on December 24, 2015 Attorney Peterson answers the question, "What is good for my kids during my divorce/separation?" Hi, this is Alan Peterson of Peterson Family Law. And today we're answering the question, "What is good for my kids during divorce or separation?" That's a very, very, important, and probably the most important question you can ask, as you're going through this set of circumstances, and something that we heavily pride ourselves on to better educate our clients. However, that question could go on for days if we had time. One of the most important things, probably the most important thing to do, is to avoid having harsh conflict with your spouse or your former significant other, in front of your kids. They hear it, they feel it, they are part you, and part of the other person, 50-50. And if you two are warring, and waging war on one another, the child is going to feel the same way about themselves. So, it's best to really seclude them from that negative environment. And something that most parents overlook is they may be good at keeping the verbal confrontations away from the children, however they may take a telephone call with the spouse outside the front door and the child's looking out the window and the nonverbal actions are very clear, they are just not happy with the other person, they don't think very highly of him or her. So, the number one, most important thing that you can do is try to preserve your child's opinion of the other parent. You d