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What does the length of my marriage mean to my case

Published on October 7, 2014 Attorney Peterson details the the different stages of marriage in Florida law and explains how the length of your marriage effects your case. Hi, this is Alex Peterson of Peterson Family Law, and today we're answering the question, "What does the length of my marriage mean to my case?" The length of your marriage means if you had a zero to seven year marriage, seven to seventeen year marriage, or seventeen years and beyond, you've entered into three different stages of marriage in the eyes of the Florida law. A short term marriage, zero to seven years, a middle duration marriage, seven to seventeen years, and the seventeen and beyond is a long term marriage. There is a presumption of permanent alimony in a seventeen year or longer marriage, when there is determined to be a need and an ability to pay. In the zero to seven year marriage, a short term marriage, there's a presumption against a permanent alimony award, because it's such a short term marriage. In the middle gap, seven to seventeen years, there's kind of a gray area, and there's a lot of conflict in the case law, between a permanent alimony award and something more durational for a set period of time. I hope that helps and answers the question "What does the length of my marriage mean?" But that's the most significant impact it has on your marriage. What type of alimony award you may be eligible for. Thanks.