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Is Florida a 50/50 state?

Hi, this is Alex Peterson of Peterson Family Law, and today we're answering the question, is Florida a 50/50 state? That question gets asked quite frequently and the answer is no. There is no statutory requirement that mom and dad each get 50% parenting time. The statutes contemplate a whole host of factors and the primary concern is what is in the best interest of the minor child. It's deemed to be in the best interest of the minor child that they have a relationship with mom and dad, unless there's something overwhelmingly negative in the way of that relationship, but there is nowhere that says it's a 50/50 state guaranteed. If you feel as if there is something important and a reason why the other parent shouldn't be spending considerable time with your child, please, for the sake of your child's well being and health, don't just wave the white flag and say, "Hey, there's no use fighting it because it's a 50/50 state." That's just not accurate.