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Can I move with my child?

Hi, this is Alex Peterson of Peterson Family Law, and today we're answering the question, can I move with my child during my divorce or paternity case? And the answer is yes, if you're within the 50 mile radius or within the jurisdiction of the court and you're following and complying with the standing order. If your case is absolutely at the point where you cannot move, you need to make sure you've read that (inaudible ) standing order or you've been ordered by the court to stay in one place, then you can't do it, of course. If you have a written agreement between yourself and a parent, then you can move. If you want to relocate beyond 50 miles or relocate out of state, then you need to get a court approval or approval from the other party before you can even contemplate moving. If you're just moving down the street, same school district, there's no impact on your child, or you're moving five or 10 minutes away from where you currently reside and your child's not in school then usually ... I want to make a disclaimer. Unless your standing order says differently, you can go ahead and move.