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Can I get retroactive child support?

Published on December 24, 2014 Attorney Peterson answers the question, "Can I Get Retroactive Child Support?" as it pertains to Florida law. Hi. This is Alex Peterson of Peterson Family Law and today we're answering the question, "Can I get retroactive child support?" And the answer in law as it is most times it depends. For how long? That also depends. In a divorce case you can ask for retroactive child support if your spouse has left you up to the date of separation. And then that time frame can be capped at around 24 months. In a paternity action where the parties weren't married you can ask for retroactive child support for 24 months as well. I suggest that you speak with an attorney about this issue, but I hope it clears it up that child support can be retroactive. However, if you've been separated from the parent of your child that you're not with for ten years or so, Florida caps it off at 24 months.