Collier County Bar Association Young Lawyers Bowling Tournament Participation

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Family First Legal Group of Naples is always looking for new ways for us to connect with and support our communities. To this end, we are excited to announce that we are an acting sponsor for the upcoming Collier County Bar Association Young Lawyers Bowling Tournament! While sponsoring such a great event is important, we are not a team to just sit on the sidelines, we will be participating in the tournament as well. We have a team of attorneys and staff members who will be there bowling for the gold. If our team wins the tournament, we get to pick the local charity who will receive the proceeds from this fun event. If we don’t win, the money still goes to charity — now that is a win-win we can all get behind!

Bowling is a simple sport that anyone can get into, and charity work is something that we can all support! We also want to thank the Collier County Bar Association for organizing this great event and allowing us to both act as sponsors and participants.

To learn more about the Collier County Bar Association, you can click here to visit their official website. To learn more about Family First Legal Group and our family law services in Naples, Florida, you can either call us at (239) 319-4441 or use an online contact form to arrange an initial consultation with our team.