What Is Good for My Kids During Divorce or Separation?

What Is Good for My Kids During Divorce or Separation?

When divorce cases involving parents of minor children, it is promising to hear them ask about what’s good for them during the process. Many issues in a divorce focus on the rights and interests of the divorcing spouses. However, when it comes to matters concerning their child—the focus shifts to protecting their best interest.

One of the most important things to do is to avoid having harsh conflict with your spouse or former significant other in front of your kids. They hear it, they feel it, they are part you, and part of the other person. And if the two of you are waging war on one another, the child is going to feel the same way about themselves.

So, it's best to really seclude them from that negative environment. Sometimes parents believe that they may be good at keeping the verbal confrontations away from the children. A parent might take a telephone call with the other party outside, where a child won’t hear the conversation. However, if the child looks out the window and their parent’s nonverbal actions suggest that they are not happy with the other parent, a child can see that and internalize that observation.

So, the number one, most important thing that you can do is try to preserve your child's opinion of the other parent. You don't want to make it so clear to them that they're a terrible person, that you think so low of them, because after all, they are 50% that person.

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