Your Divorce Is All About Perspective

Everyone who is faced with a divorce must undergo some self-analysis. It is inevitable -- but it is also the hardest part of the process. Regardless of whether your marriage was for 2 years or 20 years and you had 0 children or 10 children, your marriage was supposed to be a time of tranquility, harmony and love.

Now that it is over, it comes to the hardest part - acknowledging that it is over. We recently counseled someone who was being taken advantage of by their spouse, financially. This person was allowing the spouse to make grandiose purchases that were outside their lifestyle all while only our client was pulling the weight and working.

Our client's daughter said our client was being too "nice" to the significant other. We pointed out that it wasn't kindness that was preventing our client from doing what was necessary - it was 100% that our client was too afraid of the alternative.

Kindness is not a personality trait that allows you to be trampled over. Kindness involves a certain level of self-respect. Ask yourself honestly, what are you putting up with because of fear of the alternative?

These are the types of questions that your attorney should be asking you, to help you, not only in your legal case, but to help you as you progress through this difficult time. This is precisely why we say, your divorce is all about perspective.

For many, a divorce is a time of opportunity. Just like in business and in life, every failure presents a seed of opportunity and growth. We hope you don't miss your opportunity for growth.

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