Christmas Holiday and Divorce in Florida

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of year - and hopefully for everyone reading this it is. That said, however, it is not always wonderful when you are going through a divorce or paternity action in Florida. Often we counsel clients who are in the midst of their case and they are not seeing their children for one reason or another. It is easy and common to feel like throwing in the towel during this painful time. At Peterson Family Law we have a team that sticks behind you to keep your head up for your children.

It is incredibly painful to not see your children during the Christmas holiday, but it's very important that you focus on the future, not the present. By giving up, or giving in, you are certain to have the ghost of Christmas future show up at your door to haunt you. By keeping up with the process and knowing with confidence that next Christmas will be better than this year's, you are preserving a relationship with your children that will affect them for a lifetime.

All in all, we hope you keep your head up through this difficult time. If you find yourself in the midst of a divorce or paternity case in Florida during the Christmas holiday, please know that after seeing dozens of clients come out the other side, they are so grateful they stuck it out, because this Christmas to them - is the best one yet.

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