Relocating to Florida with Your Children

Florida is a desirable place to live and we are fortunate to live in Southwest Florida, which in my humble opinion, is the most beautiful part of Florida. At Family First Legal Group we often counsel divorced parents who have recently moved from a Northern or Western State to our sunny State of Florida.

When you relocate to Florida there are specific steps you should take to ensure your divorce decree/final judgment from your prior state is recognized and enforced. There is a process known as a "Registration of a Foreign Judgment" that is required prior to the order being fully recognized and enforceable here.

There are a number of issues that can complicate the process such as residency, partition, jurisdiction, the UCCJEA, etcetera. In addition to navigating those legal issues our office is well connected with the local community of resources that your children may and will need, such as dentists, pediatricians, day care providers, recreational activities, and even more.

We welcome you to Florida and look forward to helping you as soon you are ready.